Rainbow Coaching. Counselling. Consulting is a company set up by Julia and Robert Davies. Julia an accredited Life Coach through Noble Manhattan Coaching. Following a career in marketing spanning 25 years, she was drawn to coaching because of its powerful affect on people’s lives, helping them to realise their true potential and become who they were meant to be.Read more

Coaching will enable you to explore a wealth of possibilities, realise your strengths and how to use them, and above all, be your best. Coaches work in many different ways and it is important to find the right coach to suit you and your needs. Each coach has their own style and skill set which defines how they coach and the people they work with.Read more

The chances are that if you are reading this right now you want to make some changes to make your business more profitable by having effective marketing strategies and a team of motivated people, all moving in the right direction.Read more